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Say Goodbye to Steroids, Get in Shape with Sports

Say Goodbye to Steroids, Get in Shape with Sports

Performance enhancing drugs are becoming increasingly popular among people who are passionate about their personal fitness especially body builders and athletes. It has become a source of longer and more effective performing hours as well as better looking masculine physique. Little do people know is that with these performance enhancing drugs or steroids they are slow poisoning their bodies and going towards nothing less than death.

Many celebrity athletes’ deaths have been recorded due to excessive use of steroids. Lyle Alzado, an American football player died at the age of 43 because of illnesses caused by abuse of steroids to increase his performance. Similarly Matthew Dear, who was set to become a British body builder passed away at just 17 years of age because of steroids. Let’s see what steroids do to your body on the inside and outside.

What are Steroids?

Men and women both naturally produce a hormone called ‘testosterone’ inside their bodies. The anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of this hormone and by the use of artificial testosterone you are basically unbalancing the natural functions of the body which may cause excessive damage to your organs and result into severe illnesses and death. Personal fitness instructors sternly warn their clients never to use any synthetic performance enhancing drugs as they may be harmful to them in the future.

Physical Effects of Steroids

The use of steroids may cause liver and kidney failure and dysfunctions, severe headaches and stomach-aches, nose bleeds, increased cholesterol and blood pressure, disturbed joint flexibility, disturbed immune system and severe face and body acne. In men it can cause lower sperm count, enlarged breasts and shrunken testicles. While in women it can become a cause of deepening of voice, infertility, excessive facial hair and balding.

Many personal trainer courses are designed specially to spread awareness about the harm steroids cause and alternative ways to an enhanced body and performance.

The Best Alternative for Steroids

All of us enjoy watching sports sitting on our couch with a popcorn bag on our lap thinking the players to be super humans. But honestly if you are passionate enough to put such dedication and effort into a sport of your choice you’ll not be thinking of any shortcuts like steroids or easy ways to build body mass at all. The amount of muscle you can build by taking up sports is miraculously insane. Here are a few life changing sports you can take up as fitness routine and how much calories do they burn.

  • Rugby – One hour of rugby burns 812 calories
  • Gymnastics – One hour of gymnastics burn 327 calories
  • Wrestling – One hour of wrestling burns 500 calories
  • Swimming – One hour of swimming burns 540-600 calories
  • Basketball – One hour of basketball burns 500 calories


Your health depends on what you eat, be it steroids or unhealthy food. Your topmost priority should be you being able to keep your food hygiene in mind and train hard to get the results without any synthetic life threatening drugs. Another good idea is to enrol in various cooking classes to learn about foods that naturally increase the testosterone level inside your body so you don’t need to take help form any artificial steroids.