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3 Sports That Melt Your Body Fat Fast

Gym based boxing

3 Sports That Melt Your Body Fat Fast

Ever wondered how athletes live healthily and happily till the age of 90 and sometimes 90 plus? Take Billie Fleming for instance (the English long distance cyclist) who lived to be a 100 years of age or George Haigh (the oldest surviving former professional football player). The secret behind their long healthy life isn’t a secret at all actually. There’s one word in their open book which is ‘sports’.

You don’t need to spend tons of money in your personal fitness, the easy way is to take up sports and let that do the trick. Here are some sports that help you shed weight fast and effectively.

1. Boxing

Boxing tops the list of sports that help you build muscle and lose body fat. Your personal fitness instructors designs long hours of training that consists of things like jumping rope and sparring which helps you in burning a huge amount of calories making you lose fat. There are gym based boxing courses available which you can attend. Once you get into the ring with your boxing gloves on you will be burning 682-727 calories in one hour. Here’s what else boxing does to your body:

  • It decreases stress
  • It improves body strength
  • It improves your reflexes
  • Enhances your cardiovascular health

If you are dedicated and devoted towards boxing then there’s nothing better than taking it up as a source of exercise, fun and career. A detailed fitness instructor course can teach you more than you’ll learn online or from any other sources.

2. Rowing

With the attributes of cutting the fat and helping your limbs get stronger, rowing takes up the second spot in the list of healthy fat burning sports. It is an amazing exercise for your upper body and burns about 700 calories in one hour. It is also a great way to experience nature and meet new people. If you are a water lover (mermaid or a merman) then this is definitely the sport for you. Losing weight while enjoying nature, I wouldn’t ask for more. Other benefits of rowing are:

  • It improves your muscles and joints
  • It stabilizes the body
  • It promotes healthy body composition

3. Soccer

Many fitness instructors recommend adding soccer in your fitness workout routine. It has tons of reasons. Some of them being:

  • It improves your health because of constant shift in running, walking and sprinting
  • It teaches you coordination if you are playing as a team
  • It reduces body fat and builds muscle
  • It makes you more disciplined

One hour of soccer burns about 600 to 700 calories, same like you burn during ice skating or skiing. Soccer players all over the world are distinguished by their physique and toned 0% fat bodies. There’s definitely hard work involved in it but it’s all worth it.

Apart from taking up different sports to lose your body fat especially the belly fat, concentrate on eating healthier and cleaner. Various cooking classes are designed to teach you the nutrition value of the food you eat and the benefits it does to your body.